21 February 2014

SFRB Presents: Lunar Reunion

Anther little snippet from Lunar Reunion. This time Filid is trying to find Silva on the Moon. When he actually stops and thinks he knows her better than he thinks he does.
He stuck his head into a couple of shows, even watched one for a few moments. Half-dressed dancers doing moves that left little to the imagination, only to follow up with amazing feats of strength and aerial acrobatics. Silva was right. The shows were amazing. But she wasn’t here. He’d sense her if she was close.

His Silva who longed for the stars and was amazed by the natural beauty of things, not the manmade. She wanted to see the seven most dangerous planets on the Adventure Bird.

The most dangerous planet she could see from the Moon was the ice planet. In that moment he knew where she would be if she wasn’t in the pilots’ bar. He made his way quickly to the viewing deck where people could watch the ships, the ice planet and the stars beyond. Most people who came here wouldn’t care about any of those things, but she would.

There was one person gazing out the window.
Six years ago Filid made the mistake of falling for another officer in the Allied Planetary Military. He walked away before they both did something they'd regret. Yet he can't get her out of his mind, even now.

Silva has never forgotten Filid, but he is the last person she expects to see on the pleasure resort of Decadent Moon. This time she won't let him walk away without exploring the fantasies she had about being with him.

Filid wants more than one night. And this time he is determined to hold onto her no matter the cost.

Inside Scoop: Filid comes equipped with sexy tentacles that cannot be missed!

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Ed Hoornaert said...

Why do I get the feeling that Silva's curiosity may land her in trouble? At least I hope so!

Veronica Scott said...

Interesting peek into the world they inhabit and he surely did a good job of figuring out where she'd be and why. Great snippet!

Heidi Ruby Miller said...

That last line seals this scene perfectly. Nice characterization for both of them!