08 December 2013

oh dear...

I know it's been months since there was a post here. It was something that was discussed at the Wink Christmas lunch yesterday. This is my first step back into blogging regularly again (you can also find me at http://herebemagic.blogspot.com and http://casablancaauthors.blogspot.com

Another topic that came up was people's conference requests and whether or not they had be sent. Sometimes hitting send it really hard (sometimes I still have trouble hitting send on a manuscript), a pep talk followed and it was decided that I should have Shona's boot camp on the blog next year to keep people motivated on reaching their goals.

So the first Saturday of every month will be boot camp day covering everything from goal setting to procrastination (I like to call it window shopping for my next hero...)

I hope you'll be back in 2014 to set some goals and to work through them with me. Plus the rest of Wink will get their blogging shoes back on...after hitting send.


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Musings by Wink said...

It's good to make a new start. I'm recommitting to blogging in 2014 and I'm going to do Shona's Boot Camp. We think Shona splits into two people when she's at home; that's the only explanation for how much she get's done.

Lesley Ann Smith