13 July 2011

I'm Delusional

According to recent articles that have been bandied around on the internet because I read romance books I'm delusional, living in a fantasy world, susceptible to an unplanned pregnancy, expect my billionaire husband is going to run into me at the supermarket and whisk me off to Paris for a weekend of romance, etc etc etc.

Seriously why do the so called professionals think that Romance books will rot our brains? Do they think we are really that dumb? Maybe they could do with reading a few romances, bring some entertainment to their lives.

I've been reading romance novels since I was about 11, I started with the Sweet Dreams romance books. The very first one was called 'PS I Love You' and the hero in that book died at the end. That's not a real happy ever after is it? There was another one I can recall where the girl had a huge crush on the male protaganist, who was a movie star, ended up being in his late twenties and married. I moved on to Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High series. Read them through most of my high school years. But as I progressed up to the Mills & Boon and Harlequin/Silhouette books I also read Robin Cook's medical thrillers, Sidney Sheldon's books, Jackie Collins. I believe I'm well read and I'm definitely not delusional about romance, marriage and love.

My hero may not be a billionaire, but he spoils me on every birthday and anniversary. But not everyday is a romance novel, we have our tough days.

I've got my feet firmly planted on the ground and not in the clouds.

My name is Nicole, I read Romance Novels and I'm PROUD OF IT!!!



Robyn Grady said...

Yay, Nicki!! I love romance novels, too. I also love crime fiction but I'm not going to draw a knife and turn into a serial killer... Although, when people write silly articles on women not knowing the difference between fantasy and reality, it does make me mad ;)

Nicki Flockton said...

Thanks Robbie! And you are spot on with your comment about crime fiction. With the rate of crime and serial killers etc, you don't see them trashing those books do you?

lesley ann smith said...

My name is Lesley and I read romance novels and I'm proud of it.

I think a lot of these articles are designed to inflame and give the writer their 15 minutes of fame.

In my experience academics are very respectful of romance writing as creative practice.

I say let's ignore the hacks, build respect for romance writing in the literary community, and continue to enjoy good romance writing.

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