05 March 2011

“Magical Gains – the smell of Genies.”

Nicola E Sheridan is visiting to celebrate the release of her first novel Magical Gains with a sneak peek behind the scenes and a giveaway.

It is with much excitement that I announce to you (and anyone else who’ll stand still long enough to listen) that my debut novel “Magical Gains” (e-book) will be released 12:01am PST 8th March! The trade paperback will be available around the 14th. Yay!

As a writer and a reader, I have an enduring love for mythological creatures. I like manticores, satyrs, sirens, sylphs and any other that comes to mind, but, I really love Genies. There is something enduringly sexy and desirable about a man (hopefully semi-clad) who appears when you rub a lamp, and offers you anything your heart desires. Thus, it’s no surprise that “Magical Gains” is a romance between a woman and a Genie.

It’s set in a world where all Magical and Mythological beings are real, and considered minority ethnic groups. The main characters are Primrose and Imran, mistress and Genie respectively. Primrose is a pretty but inhibited woman, whose conservative and repressed existence is shattered by Imran’s gorgeous but unwelcome appearance. As wish-taking is illegal and magical gains tax is exorbitant - Imran finds himself stuck with a mistress who will not take his wishes. Suffice to say, the path to true love never runs smoothly. Combined with a jealous fiancĂ©, a plethora of magical beings – each with their own agenda, Primrose and Imran’s journey is no exception!

I was inspired to write “Magical Gains” and indeed the 2nd and 3rd books by this television advert; (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3tK0MulHDI) – and I can tell you, I wouldn’t have wished for chocolate biscuits if he’d appeared in my bedroom!
Part of the seductive allure of the Genie, I believe, is the telltale smoke that comes from his magic. I’m a huge fan of using smells in literature. Whether it be body odour like a putrifying onion or the gentle waft of brewing coffee – smells are essential in my world building. Subsequently, I made my Genie’s smoke exotic and spicy to smell. Each Genie’s smoke is unique - Imran’s holds the aromas of cinnamon and allspice, whilst my other Genies smoke is slightly different but still exotic, and immediately evocative. Delicious! Really I should start a perfume business with the signature scent eau de Genie, in a little lamp shaped bottle...possible merchandise perhaps!

Now comes the give-away! What is the most interesting smell you’ve read about, either in your own writing or reading? Best answer wins a digital copy of “Magical Gains”.

…when Imran, a Genie, finally revealed himself to his new mistress, it wasn’t to the gasp of pleasure he had first expected. Instead, the rather fetching Primrose Brasco turned a decidedly unfetching puce and clutched at her throat. Her first strangled words to the Genie were not “Oh, my God!” or “Hooray! Three wishes for me!” but the rather uninspiring “Are you registered?”
Imran, despite having a rich knowledge of all things magical and political, was not registered. In fact, he had made it his life objective not to be.
“No” was his first word to her and it dripped from his mouth, heavy with irritation.
Primrose’s puce complexion deepened into an undeniably ugly crimson.
“Then you’ve got to go!” she exclaimed.
“I can’t do that,” Imran replied, his white wolfish teeth glistening in his tanned face. “I’m your Genie,” he said. “I can’t go until you’ve had your three wishes.” He spoke softly and his voice had an indefinable accent, though he spoke in perfect English.
“It’s illegal! The granting of wishes has been banned in Australia for three years! I could be put into a detention center or worse. Try and pay Magical Gains tax! No one can afford Magical Gains taxes!”
Imran sank down onto the squeaking leather sofa, apparently disappointed by Primrose’s unfriendly response. He ran a hand through his short spiky hair and the gesture was ripe with masculine sexuality. Primrose quite involuntarily felt something flip in her stomach.
“Just make three little wishes. No one will know,” Imran urged smoothly. “Just little things, you know, a new pair of shoes, maybe a necklace, and a puppy.” He grinned.
Primrose looked aghast.

If you’re looking for something new, give “Magical Gains” a read. Filled with interesting creatures, exotic (and sometimes bad) smells and tastes – it’s exciting, funny and a totally different take on paranormal romance!
Thanks Wink girls for having me!

(winner to be announced on 9th March)


Marva Dasef said...

I certainly like the humor, and I've written about a genie or two myself, so I appreciate their broad appeal. Bad, good, evil, funny, inept. You can have a genie of any type.

As for smells, I have some vague memories with other writers' work, but don't have the time to try to find them.

So, I'll cheat here, and give something from my own "Ultimate Duty":

She felt gentle fingers exploring her body. Remy’s thoughts flashed back to Kiru’s face, his touch, his masculine smell of sweat and cinnamon. Cassie smelled sweet, like lilacs—lovely, soft, and inviting.

chevallum said...

Hey Nicola,
Congratulations! Haven't read many Genie stories, so looking forward to this one... : )
Best smell I've ever read would have to be JR Ward's BDB and the 'Dark Spices' bonding scent they release when they connect with their mate.
Looking forward to catching up with you over those intriguing villains...

Cass x

Jenny Schwartz said...

Hi Nicola! Congrats on the release of "Magical Gains" :) Great question, too, about memorable scents in novels. I'm going to slightly cheat though and admit the most memorable scent I've read about came from a non-fiction book. The author was describing campfires on the edge of the Baltic Sea and the scent of amber burning. That really captured my imagination, the spicy, hot, ancient scent of pine.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Hi Nicola! Not long now for your release!!!

I must agree with Cass as I though of the Black Dagger brotherhood too.

Though I did laugh at the smells of the canine characters in Elisabeth Rose's The Tangled Web, and Kandy Shepherd's Love is a Four Legged Word.