05 April 2010


I had an epiphany about the wip the other day. It was while I was drafting a pattern to make something for D2. All of a sudden something that I had been struggling with, something that had been blocking me, became clear. It was almost like one of those moments when you're doing a left brain activity and it frees up your right brain to tell you the solution to some problem , except I was doing a right brain activity.

It got me thinking about my creative process. I already know that I can't work without feeding the muse. I feed him (yes, him) art and music and all the usual things that a muse needs.

In the past I have noticed that the most creative periods in my writing and hobbies occur together. There is a school of thought that suggests we can't 'use up' our creativity in other activities if we want enough left over for writing (or painting, or whatever your non hobby art is).

I think that for me it might almost be the opposite. The more creative activities I'm doing the more I seem to be able to do. It's almost like they help feed the muse.

Norman Lindsay seems to be an example, he painted, he sculpted, he wrote, he made models, I wonder if there was anything the man couldn't do? Then again Elton John doesn't even (usually) write lyrics.

I'm guessing this another one of those things that is different for everyone. Obviously my brain does better when I do more things. Given the fact that there is a school of thought out there telling people not to use up their creativity on pursuits other than their main one there must be people out there who find that their creativity doesn't feed off itself, but instead gets used up and needs time to replenish.

I'm intrigued. How many are there of each? Who's in between?

What works for you?


Shona said...

I have lots of other creative outlets. I sew, cross-stitch, draw. But I wonder if doing these things I enjoy isn't also feeding my muse. Plus not thinking about writing is a guaranteed way to think of a solution regardless of what your doing.

Nicki Flockton said...

Hmm does yelling at the dog and the kids as a creative outlet? LOL I don't do anything creative but find sometimes when I'm in the shower I find solutions to my problem.

Sybir St. John said...

I write, I sculpt, I paint, I garden.
And yes, the punctuation there is horrid ;)

Loretta Brabant said...

I really like photography. If I had more money and more time I'd really get into it more, maybe take a few courses to learn how to do it properly. Writing, of course, is my number one love.

lesley ann smith said...

I can knit well but since fleeces are more practical than handknits I hardly knit anymore. I think when a man wears a handknitted jumper he looks as though there's a woman in his life who loves him a lot.

I also like to cook.

I like to think I'm creative in my regular job but I don't think there's a spin off to my writing. Although if I'm in a meeting and get bored I often go round the room examining people for body language cues that I can use, eg what do people do when they're listening, annoyed, bored, interested etc

I firmly believe that you need creative input to have creative output. At the moment my creative input comes from reading, opera, concerts and art.

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