22 November 2009

Read This Book

As writers we tend to become fussy with what we read. Maybe it’s because our eye is trained on the craft, we know how a book works, or maybe it’s because we’ve read so much that we are jaded. Either way we rely on our favorite authors to save us.

There are some authors I continue to read because I’m invested in the characters they have created, Ayla (Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel) and Rhodry Maelwaedd (Daggerspell by Katherine Kerr) spring to mind. I’ve been reading about them for over a decade sometimes with years between books.

There are other authors who go on my book buying list, they are the ones who I’ve accidentally discovered, but who have a backlist or a series I want to read all of. These are my guaranteed good reads. They are a treat for when I’ve finished the first draft, or the edits, or just because I’ve read a number of ordinary books in between. At the moment these authors include Jim Butcher (Dresden Files) and Rachel Caine (Weather Wardens).

Then there are the books that are handed to me by a friend saying “read this”. They are often something I wouldn't usually pick up, but are fabulous discoveries. Because it’s that time of year when we all start thinking about what to buy others for Christmas, while we wonder what to put on our wish list, I thought I’d open the blog for people to share their love of books and give us some recommendations.

Here is my “read this” recommendation, The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. It is spine tingling good, a romance that defies logic and time.

Now it’s your turn.
What is the best book you’ve read this year, your “read this book” that we must have for Christmas?



kym said...

Sadly by trying to write 2 books this year and starting a new job, my book reading list this year is woefully low. I have a 'to-read' pile that could hold up a table all on its own.

My all time favourite authors are Nora Roberts (#1), Rachel Gibson and Susan Elisabeth Phillips in the contemporary romance genre. JK Rowling and Eoin Colfer in teen genre, Matthew Reilly and Robert Ludlum in the action scene. I do like to read different genres to keep my interest up (and because my fave authors can write as fast as I can read).

One book I read recently that was quirky, entertaining and had a sexy hero who was, amazingly, gorgeous even when he was grumpy. Soulless by Gail Carriger would be my recommended read for the summer. It can get bogged down in the explanations of science but was still fun and hard to put down (Warning: you might pull an all-nighter to finish it).

Hope you enjoy.

Loretta Brabant said...

My best discovery this year was Monica McInerney. She writes witty family sagas with romantic subplots. I've been inhaling her these last few months.
I have my favourite authors but also love trying new ones. It's always so exciting when you find someone new that you can love.

Shona said...

Science and a sexy hero, I will have to give 'soulless' a go.

lesley ann smith said...

I have thrown so many books against the wall this year and never finished them, even from some of my favourite authors.

Two recommendations for Christams reading, The Devil's Feather by Minette Walters, suspense on every page. I have just finished This Heart of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, a wonderful romance but with a very slow start; it nearly hit the wall.

Nicole Flockton said...

I read category, that's pretty much all I read, so if you are looking for some literary or wonderful single title to come spewing out of my mouth, then you'll be disappointed :)

At present I'm reading a book by Wendy Rosnau. She writes romantic suspense and, when they were published Bombshell. Her spy games series is awesome. The book I'm reading is the very first one of the lot, had to get it off ebay. I'm now going to, over the next few weeks, re-read the other six. I have to say, the last book in the series, I read on my e-reader in one day.

Anything by Kathryn Shay is a good read too and she does single title as well as category.


Nicole Flockton said...

Opps that was order it off Amazon, not ebay :)

Paid a bit more than it was retailed for but, I wanted a 'new' one and it is worth it. :)

Linda Rader said...

I love Minette Walters! I haven't read her for a while so thanks for the head's up about Devil's Feathers. My discovery of the year was Cindy K Green, e-published by The Wild Rose Press. She writes delightfully and sweet althought that isn't always my favored style I find anything written well is worth the effort regardless of the genre/style etc.