09 November 2009


I didn't know who I was last week.
Luckily Nicki was able to help me out. She's always the one who has the answers.

Oprah said I could find out who I was meant to be.
I have to do all the work though. Apparently I'm the one with the answers!

If you go back to January on this blog I'm supposed to have been on a journey of self discovery about myself as a writer this year. I think I've discovered that I'm lazy. Or if not lazy at the very least an Olympic contender for a medal in procrastination.

I've written very little bits and pieces of various things. I think I've spent the year finding out things I probably already knew if only I was a little better at seeing myself.

My biggest epiphany was that while I might be a pantser, I need a plan. If you look back further than January I already knew that, wrote a whole blog about it even.

I also discovered that I like to write different stuff. It seems that 'day job' me quite likes writing for children. 'H M Davis' me writes rather dark stuff, in a variety of sub-genres. 'Maree Davis' me likes writing category contemporaries. 'H Maree Davis' me - well, no wonder I was confused.

What I really discovered was that I need to separate out all the different things that I like to write and do one at a time. It makes my writing life a whole lot easier. Now I can get on with the writing.

Tell Oprah I was meant to be a writer.

Hey Nicki, I know who I am!

Who are you? And how did you find yourself?

H! :)


Nicole Flockton said...

Great Blog H! Glad you found out who you are!

Now you've got me wondering who I am. I guess at the moment I'm a bit all over the show too. Maybe not in writing life but in personal life.

Hope this new method works for you and can't wait to read some of your stuff, anything actually :)


H Maree Davis said...

It would be good if my split writing personality allows me to concentrate on anything long enough to get something finished!

H! :)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Oh the joys of having different writing personalities! Good going on finding yourself.

kym said...

Well written blog. If nothing else, you know how to create an emotional responce in a reader - and that's not nothing.
Keep doing what gives you pleasure and forget the rest.

Loretta Brabant said...

I agree with Kym. You had me questioning myself after the third line! I know who you are Davis. You're a great writer! :)

lesleyannsmith said...

Interesting blog. I think I am on the same journey.

Nanowrimo has given me a push forward this month. I hope that jury duty can do the same next month.