28 November 2009


OK, I'll admit to it. I fantasise about the good life. The author's life and all that goes with it.

If you've read a previous post of mine, I have organised a soundtrack to go with my novel (and of course the movie that's made from it). That's not all I do.
When I exercise I sometimes find myself answering questions from a phantom interviewer about my inspiration, the plot line of my next novel and even those pesky ones about my private life. I dream of travel being a tax deduction and buying books as research. For work avoidance or when I have writer's block I design the covers for my books. Making them reflect the essence of my story. When I'm driving I practise my acceptance speech for the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. I think about the locations I'll write a book in. Warwick Castle for my medieval romance, Cambodia for a medical adventure and Ireland for... well who cares what I write there - I just want to go back and visit.

Now if I actually achieve my ultimate fantasy life, I could call my daydreaming preparation. If not, delusional would be the kindest term.

Am I alone in this? Is it a waste of 'writing' time? Or better yet, do you know of a cure?


Nicole Flockton said...

It's always good to dream but the reality sometimes isn't what we want it to be.

Most well known authors don't get movies made out of their books and unfortunately, don't give up the day job, just yet!! :) :)

Keep writing, as you have lots of stories to tell, and you are a great writer, just don't get too swept away.

Loretta Brabant said...

Aim for the sky, get to the treetops. Aim for the treetops, land on the ground.
I say, you can never dream too much. Never set your sights too high. It's your motivator. Embrace it. And you're not alone. We all talk to Oprah in our cars :):)

lesley ann smith said...

I'm with you Kym. I have my Oscar acceptance speech written as well for the screenplay from my own best-selling novel. And I remembered to thank the Wink girls!!!

Linda Rader said...

Loretta has it right. Aim for the stars. Dream the big dream. Just be able to celebrate all the steps along the way.

H Maree Davis said...

What would life be without dreams?

There is that saying about 99% perspiration though . . .

H! :)

kym said...

Thanks for your comments. It's nice to know that some people live in Dream Land with me - the weather's nicer here!